CHILDREN “GET IT” CHILDREN “GET IT” Children in their innocence can guide adults to heal our world …. Have you noticed children “get it”?! Cry when they are hurt Squeal in delight when they are happy Express their true feelings That they share and comfort in time of anguish Not looking at each other’s differences […]

Motherhood Is Crying In Syria

How mothers have lost pieces of their hearts…!! Motherhood is crying in #Syria. We can hear their cries and witness their heartbreak…..We send them our prayers” so let us pray with deepest words~ Amen” from Azhar Khan …member of World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal We have done previous posts following the […]

March Women’s History Month Honoring Women Around the World

Watch This Very Special Video #MarchWomensHistoryMonth Honoring Women Around the World The large majority of ancient cultures were patriarchal, and they practiced customs that held women in low esteem and limited their freedom. Through the centuries, many courageous women have stepped forward to fight inequality and to champion causes for the benefit of society. Their […]

Dear World…

Ohood was sitting at her school desk when bullets started flying, inches above her head. Hassan saw severed heads and limbs lying in pools of sticky blood following the shelling of a funeral. Mohammed’s skin and hair caught fire when a nearby car exploded. Kareem’s next-door neighbor was killed by a shell as she nursed […]