The Worst Crime In Human Exsistence

By: Linda Dawkins

If any one asked you what is the worse crime ever? What would you say? Would you say murder? Rape? Drug Trafficking or sales?Robbery or Theft?

You probably wouldn’t think about Human Trafficking would you? Well, if it’s not already on the top of the list atrocities that occur among the human species, it may very well be very close.

Child trafficking and modern day slavery are considered child abuse. Victimized children are recruited, moved or transported and then exploited or ultimately forced to work or sold. They are trafficked mainly for sexual exploitation, first and foremost. Secondly, for benefit fraud, for forced marriages, for domestic servetitude, for forced factory labor or agriculture, and for assignments that range from pickpocketing to transporting drugs. Even begging and working on canibis farms. (Think about that when you purchase your next high).

Also, the International Labor Organization has reported that there are 4.5 million slaves in the world today.
The U.S. State Department has reported 600, 000 and 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders. Out of this amount, 80% of them are … half of that amount are children.

80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation according to reports from victim survivors and only 19% labor exploitation. These staggering statistics are enough to set any alarm off in any Normal society. However, it seems that Human Trafficking is big business and Authorities apparently are taking their time to address these tragic circumstances.

The average beginning age of trafficked victims ranges from 12 years old to 14. Most of these victims were sexually abused as children. Only to get a little older to be sold into forced prostitution to make pornographic films. Even Further, the average cost of a slave/victim is $90. The Human Trafficking Industry, makes costs affordable so that victims can be easily moved from seller to buyer.

Shockingly, California has 3 of the the FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation. Los Angeles, San Francisco and SanDiego.

Between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year. It is the third largest international crime industry, ( after illegal drugs and arms trafficking ). Reported profits from trafficking; $32 Billion every year. Women and girls represent the largest share of victims with a reported percentage of 55%, compared to male victims at 45%. In 2015 CNN reported that the world has 35.8 million slaves, that number has increased since then.

The worse travesty is on the children. Reports say they experience multiple continuous forms of abuse and neglect. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse are used to control victims. The impact of fear verses freedom.

You may ask, how can something like this happen and continue to happen without major intervention from authorities or complete irradication?

Well, the simple answers are there, and it is obvious that there is big money involved. Apparently, the value of a human life is, to a degree and to some very greedy, selfish and overwhelmingly hypocritical people, that a himan life is worth a whole lot less than having a big money in the bank and money to spend to spend on trivial entertainments.

So what happens to these people forced into this disgusting way of life?

First you have to try and understand Why this kind of crime would or could in fact actually happen…
The number one cause is Poverty. Secondly, and never to be excused are the effects of war. They are the main causes and effects of human trafficking. Then there are unfortunately specific inequalities in terms of cultural differences between countries. Most certainly the lack of employment opportunities is a another cause. Finally, the lack of an adequate education. the

The second two possible causes of human trafficking are secondary results after the fact. People are subsequetially forced into these situations after experiencing certain discriminatory factors relating to persons of a lower class or the results of war, even settling a dept, etc.
Some reasons affect children only. Such as, a parent or care giver that is unable to provide adequate protective service for the child involved. Moreover, care givers or parents or “adults in charge” fail to respect or uphold the rights of children. Certainly, you must consider that there are people who are unwilling to change and adapt new customs and traditions. Meaning to modernize their “way of life”.

Another big factor, is that those abused and neglected children, are being brought up in this “customary” factor, and are told to “obey” their elders… or to respect and follow which ever adult is in charge at the time. Moreover, these children are Not instructed to be wary and to watch for, any particular danger signals furthermore, too be careful… Let alone how to protect themselves for that matter.

Where do they come from?

Surviving children who have been trafficked, may come from the UK or some other country and moved across international borders. To very unfamiliar territory as to make it difficult for the child to seek help. Take away the “sense of security”, you have a docile victim. Unwilling to ask questions, run, or risk experiencing something much worse.
What can be worse than, a seemingly very happy, intelligent and normal child, suddenly forced into abuse and slavery… for years. Then eventually, developing a very serious “mental condition” by the time they’re 18 years old with “suicidal tendencies”. The majority of the time, the child will come to that point. Which is very unfortunate for many more, is way after the forced abuse has long since ended. The result? The victim’s abuse has now become a “self-inflicted” type. The victim becomes accustomed to mal-treatment.

What could have been a normal pleasant child that experiences the normal childhood in an idea society. Is sent to school, educated, has dreams of becoming a doctor, teacher, lawyer, police, dentist, scientist or other productive citizen of their environment. They develope career choices and desires to “just become” somebody special.

However, on account of not having adequate protection within a positively peaceful environment, they are kidnapped, tortured and brought into a very undesirable, very un-natural, very dangerous, very unpleasant environment. A world of horrors.

A world without hope…

This world, of human trafficking, is long over due for intervention from authorities and definitely needs to be completely halted. It apparently is beyond the understanding, control of and comprehension of “normal” people it seems because all turn a blind eye. We hear of cases and yet the act continues. They say they bust a child smuggling or trafficking ring, and yet it continues… Most authorities already know what is occurring they say that they are addressing each situation as they are presented to them. My question is…

” Why is it taking so long for intervention on a higher authority level.”

They say that they already know and are well aware of which countries are involved. They are aware of which cities, how many victims, maybe even where they are…

It should be clear that if they, (authorities), can gather all of these well known statistics, that they should be able to once and for all, irradicate this crime altogether with a well coordinated and efficient effort of intervention. Even if it’s to only free these victims

Guess what, that won’t happen… why??? because it’s big business…

Big business, in which the value of a child, a girl, a woman, a man, a boy, a human being is sadly, worth much less than the total value of what a person may have in their refrigerator. Even perhaps their status in society or that of their parents… Or even because where they were born or live?

“On a personal note, I think that’s just plain stupid. It angers me and should anger “every” normal person that respects themself, (As a human being), even just out of simple principle that this crime has gone on for so long.” -Linda Dawkins

The emotional long term effects are alarming. Without support, 90% of children abused have already gone on to have mental issues. Depression, suicidal thoughts and self-harm are common. Unfortunately, many people do not get the help they need. I say people, because we cannot say only “just children” or singling out “women”, or even to say “just boys” or “men”… Human Trafficking has No gender preference and without intervention, these people have no hope for a brighter future.

96% of professionals surveyed say that there isn’t enough support for “children” who have experienced this type of abuse. Abuse in it’s general form.

Victims are not criminals, but they are treated as such…

What’s more astonishing, is the fact that some children involved in “theft-rings” are subject to prosecution as criminals. Which doesn’t make sense and very ironic. Especially when it’s a real-world “double jeopardy”, when the term jeopardy is used in its actual defined meaning as “being in trouble” in some way.

Where is the hope for them in all of this?

On a positive note, it has been reported that there has been an increase in awareness of human trafficking reports and criminal prosecution and disassembling of organized criminal trafficking rings and further prosecutions of persons of interest involved.

Statically speaking, the numbers are staggering…

In 2016 there were 26,727 calls made

7,572 reports of suspected trafficking rings.

7,452 calls from victims or survivors.

In terms of Trafficking Types…
5,551 reports involved sex trafficking

1,057 reports of labor trafficking .

268 reports of of both sex and labor trafficking and

696 reports that were not specified .

For a combined total of 7,572…

More numbers???

Check these out…

The top industries for labor trafficking?

Domestic work -201 cases reported

Agriculture-124 cases reported

Travelling sales crews-100 cases reported

Food service or restaurants -75 cases reported

Health and beauty services-45 reported

How about the Top industries for sex trafficking ?

Hotel based-584

Brothels -559

Online ads-409

Residential Brothels -461

Other/not specified -249

What about the gender numbers in the 2016 report of the 7,572 reported cases?

6,340 female

978 male

70 minorities

How about when age is a factor in the 2016 report of 7, 572 cases?


Minors -2,387

Further speaking, in the number of reported cases in 2016, where are these crimes are occuring?

2,075 are US Citizens/LPR

1,417 are foreign

Human trafficking has surpassed the illegal sale of arms. In the next few years, trafficking will ultimately surpass the sale of drugs. The abuse is so rampant, unchecked and unnoticed that the average lifespan of victims held in captivity is only 7 years.

The largest group of victims are American children who are runaways. According to the National Runaway Switchboard who report 1.3 million runaways. Out of this number it is presumed that there may actually be over 300,000 cases involving trafficked children.

The reason being that they are easily manipulated. Plus, more money can buy earned from young girls and boys exploited in sexual exploitation. Furthermore, younger girls have a higher earning potential therefore, are in higher demand.

Child victims of abuse need immediate intervention before reaching aduthood. The emotional, psychological and physical trauma and scars run deeper than can be imagined.

Just as each person is different and have their unique qualities, so it is with the adjustment and recovery period of each individual in need of drastic help measures and intervention. During the duration of the recovery period or the length of time that it takes to close those doors of betrayal to humanity.

Child trafficking is a world wide occurrence and every country involved plays its part in this disregard for human life. That is why it is so difficult to put an end to.

What people need to know…

People need to know that there is help out there. People need to know that, if everyone were to view these victims as they would themselves, that they would seek out intervention or would want some type of help to get out of that mess. People need to also look at this and Not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the crystal a neighbors child without asking questions. Also, people need to understand that it could be happening to one of their very own family members or relative, it can stop, if they only would have the courage to intervene…

There are phone numbers to call to get immediate help…

There are people who care…

There is hope…

For more information on how to help save lives and help give hope, several organizations have come together and are working hard towards balancing the scales. To report instances of abuse please call 1-800-4A-CHILD

3 thoughts on “The Worst Crime In Human Exsistence

  1. It’s shocking the evil use of humans by other humans…all for greed.
    This is a very informative article …bringing the stats & facts into one place for everyone to read. Hope this bring awareness to where people when they see signs of this occurring will call 911 or the 800-4A-Child to help stop this obscene crime.
    Thank you Linda Dawkins for the enlightening article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is so much more information that I didn’t share, the atrocities that I chose not to mention as well, in their particulars. I really think that if more people were aware at how serious a problem this terrible situation is, that authorities, will be a lot more concerned than it seems they are presently. I really appreciate your comments Donna. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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