The Poorest Of The Poor

By Linda Dawkins

Poverty is the Biggest Crime in the World. The world’s poorest populations are more or less above the range of 300 million. The People of West Bengal, India and Pune, India are some of the worlds poorest people and suffer from the most severe instances of poverty, are hunger stricken and homeless.

Living and suffering or living to suffer. It seems as though the people find ways to get by and to live. Their resilience is amazing at times. Others have given up all glimpses of hope and don’t bother to seek help or shelter. They prefer to tough it out and weather the storm.

Nevertheless, one cannot help but to want to intervene especially if we can feel what they’re going through.
It had been said throughout the years,
“Walk a mile in my shoes…” and “Until you can live the life of another you will not understand it.

This is true in all cases of the really poor.
So many times we see our own poor people. We see them in urban areas, setting up tents on, in or near abandoned houses, torn down buildings or apartment complexes, vacant lots, under bridges, alleys and all sorts of unlikely places. To some who are non- considerate, The Poor become what they call a nuisance or an eye sore. The suffering of the homeless is not an eye sore, it is a reflection of how much dignity the people who are not suffering have in themselves. This only proves how much the beholder values his own life? The beholder being that person that sees the suffering of others and refuses to yield themself to empathy or be moved to compassion.
Yes, we see them, yet people tend to shy away, avoid altogether, and all too often those glaring eyes of the destitute.
Perhaps avoiding eye contact altogether is a way to avoid taking responsibility for our neighbour. To the point of complete disregard of those who suffer from poverty.

There are levels of poverty. There’s poverty, extreme poverty, destitute and hopeless. Poverty is the state of being really poor. Suffering from poverty in this way, a person may have a home but that’s pretty much it. All other amenities are considered a luxury or considered a gift, blessing or a miracle. Those suffering from poverty are likely to appreciate everything they have and count every penny. Maintaining a somewhat unstable lifestyle.
Which is more than someone that is extremely poor. An extremely poor person suffers in a much deeper way. They may not have a home to go to. Chances are more than likely that they are living on the streets or find shelter from the weather when they can or when they need it.

Then there is the destitute. These people are the rejects of society. They belong nowhere, have no one to help them and no place to go. When they do find somewhere to lay there head it is anywhere they can. Where ever they decide to rest. Begging obviously occurs by the majority of destitute persons. Eating from garbage cans just to find something to eat is the only alternative for destitute persons. They suffer in silence…

Then there are the hopeless. Who are considered to be the poorest of the poor. like the people in West Bengal. They do not suffer alone, they have families. Families that consist the majority of a single mother with children or an adolescent with their younger siblings. These are the hopeless. They have no means to take care of themselves, they suffer all of the afflictions that indicate poverty, extreme poverty, destitution and hopelessness. Yet tend to manage as much as a smile and offer hope to their families by being a beacon of light.
They need our help…

Upon first glance one may ask, How could this happen? When the questions should be, How can we help? or How can this be fixed?

The World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization’s two locations, in Pune and in West Bengal, is embarking on the vision quest to solve the crime of poverty that the world’s poorest of the poor are afflicted with. It has been discovered that these communities that are suffering are genuinely anxious and willing to do what it takes in doing their part to ensure that this vision quest continues to grow, and it is. They just need a little help…

The help that WPPHPORG is offering is a beginning. We provide food for the hungry, by holding feeding events. This is where we go out to these places and literally pass out food to hungry, bringing communities together to sit, eat and commune together, even the poorest of the poor. The majority being children, adolescents and the elderly.
WPPHPORG plans on building orphanages and schools in poverty stricken areas as too give access to education early on, to the smallest children that are school aged. Some are forced to do almost anything for food including stealing which is a common occurrence. They are not only radiating hopelessness, they are living in a state of hopelessness.
Helping them while they are young, letting them know that people do care about their existence and are here to help. This brings smiles to their faces at the very least. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a chance to choose a good life? To these poor, the option to choose is no option at all. Because they have no choice.

WPPHPORG. is presently are working closely with an orphanage located in Pune, India. Addressing issues like hunger, homeless are natural concerns that so every human being has. As is access to a quality education. Having empathy compassion or being sympathetic is a healthy human emotion. Being able to show these emotions to others not closely related to us tends to be an issue with some people today. Moreover, knowing whether or not you are a sympathetic person is hard to see within ourselves. We Tend to convince ourselves that we are good people or are a good person because we pay or tithes, and that’s supposed to go to the poor, right? Not in all cases… the possibility of your 10% actually going to where you think it is or should be going is low, but that’s another issue altogether. Nevertheless, We’ve found a way to Find out if you have empathy, compassion or are empathetic by asking yourself a couple of random, thought provoking questions, that if answered honestly, you can develope another way of thinking thats geared toward developing these natural human emotions and the instinct to Be Your Brothers Keeper and to love your fellow man.

Answer the following questions:

Are you enjoying a wonderful life luxury or do you consider your life to be one of luxury?

Are you glad that you’re one of the fortunate ones?

Are you grateful for what you have?

Have you considered what life must be like for the less fortunate?

Do you have compassion for those suffering around you?

Do you shy away from the homeless and avoid eye contact?

Would you give a homeless person the shoes off of your feet?

Do you get angry when your friends tell you bad news?

Do you speak with people casually passing by?

Have thou offered water or offered to buy someone a meal?

Have you cooked a meal for a group of homeless persons?

Would you open your doors to a friend you have not seen in a long time?

Do you volunteer your spare time in the service of others?

There are those who have no idea when or if they will ever have a warm bath
There are those who do not knowwhere their next meal is coming.
There are those who wonder if anyone will help them.
There are those who won’t make it through the night and,
There are those who breath a sigh of relief when help finally arrives.

So Join WPPHPORG, WORLD PEACE PROMOTING HELPLESS PEOPLE ORGANIZATION – NGO, your state or even get with your local Goodwill MarchOfDimes, SalvationArmy or inquire information in how you can help from humanitarian charities from around the world listed on our website In this quest to end poverty, hunger and homeless, beginning in the areas that are homes to The Poorest Of The Poor in Pune, India and West Bengal, India. The journey has only just begun. When we realize that we are one and what happens to one, happens to us all, the world will change for the better.

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