Oh, The Humanity

Within our daily lives we see many afflicted by poverty. Yes, we seek it out. Seeking to find those who are suffering from the weather, needing shelter and food, kindhearted caring actions from others to help them ease away the hardness of their lives. We have made this our life …. one of our members wrote words to convey what we feel about how we have chosen to live out our lives …. why we do what we do

~Donna LeAnn Padilla


By many our actions are called works of humanity… But instead we see it as our responsibility – our duty…

Like when the hungry man stands outside our door daily… Calling out to us to please feed him to ease his ailing….

We are compelled to cook extra food for him… Feeding him each day to where we speak of it in our anthem….

We sing out our request loudly with words to all of you…. Feed the hungry – just a few… For it has become their due…

If we all do something for them…. It will begin to solve a burning problem… Problem that consumes the world – effecting all of mankind…

We are sure Our Heavenly Father will bless not only them through you… But all of humanity…them, me and you. ~ Swapan Mayra

Come join us or seek out groups near you as ….

#HumanityLivesThruYou so join the fight against poverty and #FeedTheHungry #FillManyASoul.

Can you take on ownership of being the helping hand that gives comfort to those in need?

Does the call of humanity call to your mind and heart?

Do you want to help change the poor’s destiny? ~Donna LeAnn Padilla

Crowning Glory***********

Your child is profusely crying mother Earth, Then how can you give indulgence to mirth?

Basked in muddy streets,with a silent despair in their eyes, They know not that so much hopeless money flies.

Drowning destiny couldn’t catch them, so unlucky. Every doorstep is an unwelcoming song for them, Our so called golden humanity is in shambles.

Just a morsel of food and a sleepy security, Is their sorrowful wish in tragic disparity. Can we be the angel from the sky? To lower their morose in high.

Come, be a little helping hand in their turbulent journey, With your full fledged love purely.

Humanity will truly then be a crowning glory, Instead of claiming to be a drowning destiny.

~ Soumi Sankhari

Find a group or charity so that you might …. #BringReliefToMany #ByGivingACrownOfGlory #HelpChangeThoseInNeedsDestiny Visit our website for list of charities….. wpphporg.org

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