As Children Hiding In The Shadows- On Child Abuse

Young children are highly sensitive to other people’s emotions, particularly those of their family members.

Witnessing scenes of verbal or physical violence and discord has direct negative effects with long-lasting consequences.

Similarly, children who experience parental abuse or neglect are more likely to show negative outcomes that carry forward into adult life…

Mental emotional abuse effects can last a lifetime and be passed onto next generation….. hear the cries of an abused inner child wanting abuse to end …. ~ Donna Padilla

Hide in Shadows

“Where should I hide when you are upset my body and mind are weak by abuse …

no one wants to take care of me even when I pray for someone to know my plight that I am in.

I cry for mercy that this would end my suffering and pain …

take my hand and show me a better place to know that I am that special too…

I have hidden in this darkness, but life is more at peace in light of goodness.

Bring me out from this shadow of pain and let me live in a better place,

light my way with purpose and kindness that I might know that someone cares.”

~ A.F.

The cry for help from inner child of an abused person shared with us by World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal member Angeline Filoteo …. wrote as request to help those you think are being abused.

Do not out of misguided thoughts you would be getting those you care for in trouble. You would be helping and showing love and respect for all involved.

Too often people turn away or close their eyes and ears to the abuse they witness …

#StopTurningAway #BeTheHelpTheyNeed #HearTheirCriesForHelp

Call your local services when you believe abuse is occurring, do not wait…. as death can be result if help is not given ….death comes in many forms; death by abuser or by hands of the victim themselves.

#OneKillerInWorld_ABUSE call1-800-4-A-Child or for list of all international numbers click this link to find your country’s help line

Let’s …. #HelpEndCycleOfAbuse #ShowYourLoveCare

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