Poetry on Respecting Our Youth

“We sit here at times wondering about our life. Thinking hard times have hit. But knowing they will pass. But still questioning and wondering what the next days ahead hold…..BUT WHAT IF we live as these children do? World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal member Angeline Filoteo has put her thoughts and words into poem form to send you a message.” ~Donna Padilla

Grow Up

“We stand upon this wasted land each day

Never imagine how to see another world that is different from here

Days of grime,




& no education that we see for us…


We know, is broken pieces that is left for us to use or abuse …

squander or create…

to think or just be one piece of scrap in this pile each day

So let us see you!!!

How well you can stand each day like ours …

How can we say we live but we can be more in many ways?”

~ A.F.

They don’t have luxuries we do. They had to grow up fast…no time to feel cheated or worry about hard times. As they exist in the worst times you could ever imagine.

They fight for survival each day. Thousands of children, live this way as this is a world issue …. Africa, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Haiti, the list goes on …. do not fool yourself thinking in your countries children are not left to survive on their own.

Alarming numbers who do not have access to clean water, proper sanitation or even just a way to clean their hands — especially after coming in contact with waste and feces.

But they push on to survive. They had to become tough. Maybe we should take lessons from them on handling and being thankful for the life we have. Understand these children and their life conditions has now become known through documentation by photographers.

The images we will share are from India.

See the determination on their faces as they face life head on. NGO groups are banding together to help bring a new life to these children.

The toughness they have gathered within themselves will see them stride ahead to become MORE ….. let’s all become more with them taking life’s hard knocks with strength at our inner core.

#WordsFromChildren_GrowUp #LifeIsNotEasy #BeStrongBeThankful

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