Why can’t you stop the war? By Angeline Filoteo

“Why can’t you stop the war?”

Seven-year-old Syrian refugee Bana Alabed made this heartbreaking appeal to the world:

As we think back on the beginning of the civil war and question why can’t we stop the carnage that’s dragged on for right at seven years in Syria and killed hundreds of thousands of this little girl’s countrymen, including children.

“I want them to stop the war, and I want the children of Syria to play and go to school and live in peace,” Bana told reporters as she puts forth a requests “Together we can help them. Together we can save them.”

“I don’t know Bana,” was the reply she received. “I don’t know why the world can’t stop the war in Syria.”

In Bana’s thinking that’s no real answer to her question and request. So she spoke with weary voice as sadness engulfed her:

“I am very sad,” Bana told reporter “A lot have died and no one helped us. The world is watching. The world doesn’t do anything.”

Out of the echoes of Bana’s last words if we listen we can hear children’s cries and their voices united as one speaking to us…. as the voices take form in the shape of Future Child. Hear Future Child’s words … her message to us:

“Bana came as our messenger of help but you seem not to listen. So hear my words and pass them on for the world to hear…..

I am a child of the future standing before devastation of war, hunger and sickness. I speak for all the children. Hear their story thru me.

I hear voices crying and screaming lost from their love ones, separated or dead from casualties.

Do you hear their fathers voices? over and over saying

“Live, you are my life my beautiful child, your mothers dreams of precious time together…”

… but you see some of us are silent forever due to wars painful events.

See a sister holding her little sister in her arms giving her the will to keep on living, for she knows in her weakened and broken heart that she must give instead of take what is left of life…

Yes! she cries … do you hear her as she takes her last breath. You see there will be no more future to look forward in this world of isolation, far away is our only hope of help. Many of us lived in small torn and broken rooms barely able to sleep due to nightmares, sickness hunger each day.
We find no answers to our plight unless this world changes in helping us.

Years and time weary even the strongest one, seeing only devastating body counts laying before my eyes … my fellow children’s eyes clouded, last tears on their cheeks and lips that words would never speak again.

No one weeps anymore for me … as I am the face the voice of many … see I am the future child and the last of them.
You see my image only what was taken before your eyes, but yet my question to you is…”

“Would you let me die or let me live my future in peace”

© written by A.F. Angeline Filoteo member of World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal

#ListenToTheChildrenCries #StandUpForTheirLives #ProtectTheChildren

Do you ask “What I can I do?” You can spread the word of children’s slaughter. Help cause such an uproar media takes to heart the outrage and pushes United Nations … our leaders of governments around the world… to take actions to put an end to the atrocities that are occurring.

Do we let the children die or do we help them find a future of peace? It’s a question we should all ask ourselves.

Meet the Future Child, see her pain, see the death of many little ones … breaks our hearts … does it yours?

One thought on “Why can’t you stop the war? By Angeline Filoteo

  1. War causes streams of blood and untold havoc not only in Syria also all over the world. Children are dying, Parents are losing their children. No one can hear cry of children who are losing their parents.


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