March Women’s History Month Honoring Women Around the World

Watch This Very Special Video

#MarchWomensHistoryMonth Honoring Women Around the World

The large majority of ancient cultures were patriarchal, and they practiced customs that held women in low esteem and limited their freedom. Through the centuries, many courageous women have stepped forward to fight inequality and to champion causes for the benefit of society. Their work to break down barriers has allowed future generations of women to pass through without resistance. Women’s History Month honours these women.

People didn’t think that women had a history worth knowing. Although times have changed as throughout this month, various community events, internet blog series, television presentations and entertainment specials are staged to look back on women’s achievements, to celebrate the progress made by women around the world, and to remember that there is still work to be done.

Sharing video of great women throughout history and how they have helped shape our world….

and more as they lead the way in bringing peace, care and kindness to a world that is wounded and needs healing

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