Motherhood Is Crying In Syria

How mothers have lost pieces of their hearts…!! Motherhood is crying in #Syria. We can hear their cries and witness their heartbreak…..We send them our prayers” so let us pray with deepest words~ Amen” from Azhar Khan …member of World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal

We have done previous posts following the genocide of innocent victims of the Civil War in Syria ….here is the latest news:

Bombing and deaths continue in Syria… when will the United Nations, the international protection coalition stop using warnings and words …and begin to use action to stop the extermination of innocent people/ children … the targeting of areas of where children are as they are being used to bring warning and a threat to rebel forces.

#UN_stop_the_words_begin_actions ….

Frontline News:

As a barrage of airstrikes, rocket fire and artillery slammed into several towns across Eastern Ghouta on Monday, February 19th, 2018….the United Nations warned that the targeting of civilians in Eastern Ghouta “must stop now.” (but only words where are actions)

“It’s imperative to end this senseless human suffering,”

Panos Moumtzis, the UN’s Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis said. (but only words where are actions)

100 civilians, including 20 children killed decries ‘war of extermination’ as the tragedy unfolds in Eastern Ghouta, where dust-covered, wailing toddlers arrive at the hospital.

“The regime is bombing Eastern Ghouta to pave the way for a ground offensive,” said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman.

The main opposition National Coalition, which is based in Turkey, denounced the “war of extermination” in Eastern Ghouta as well as the “international silence.” (but only words where are actions)

It also accused regime ally Russia of seeking to “bury the political process” for a solution to the conflict.

An AFP correspondent saw residents of Hammuriyeh rushing indoors in panic at the first sound of jets.

“Ghouta’s fate is unknown. We’ve got nothing but God’s mercy and hiding out in our basements”

#StopEndlessWords #UseActionsToEndTheKilling

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